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About Egypt

Egypt, officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is one of the greatest, most interesting countries you will ever see. With all of its history, culture, culinary, religion, and versatile geography, Egypt has a special spot for everyone who gets to visit this magnificent place.

Egyptian history is infinite and is one of the greatest inheritance from human civilization but Egypt is much more than just its thousands of years old Pyramids and monuments, Egypt is life itself and sure is a place that every human who can should once in their lifetime come visit.

Egypt is very famous for its ancient civilization and the monuments of the majestic pharaohs, such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Great Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, the GEM (The Grand Egyptian Museum), Sakkara, and Dahshur.

In the south, there are famous monuments such as the Luxor Temple, the Karnak Temple, Abu Simbel, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Valley of the Kings with emphasis on the tomb of Tutankhamun, the Temple of Edfu (Horus), the High Dam of Aswan, and the Philae Temple.

Egypt is located mostly in the northern part of the African Continent with part of its Sinai desert located in the Asian Continent. It has a total area of 1,002,450 square km making it the 31st largest country in the world; measuring from the very North to the very south you have a total of 1,024 km.

Cairo, pronounced Al-Qahirah, meaning the victorious, is the capital of Egypt. A city built around the Nile River Cairo is one of the biggest cities in the continent of Africa. A great diverse city with 9.5 million people, Cairo is one of a kind.
Cairo is the main city as it is the capital, but other cities like Alexandria, Aswan, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, Gouna, and Hurghada are also main cities for tourist attractions and the economy too.

Egypt’s currency is called the Egyptian Pound. Egyptian money is gorgeous but its monetary value is considered to the English Pound, Euro, and US Dollar is very low. Egyptian currency can be abbreviated as EGP.

The dominant religion is Islam, making Egypt’s population 90% Muslim and around 10% Christian, with the Muslims being mostly Sunnis and the Coptic Orthodox Chruch being the largest Christians.

Egyptian gastronomy is very authentic and even though it has some influences from the Greeks like on the north coast, the country food runs pretty much in “full” which are beans, lentils, pasta, rice, and bread. A famous and traditional dish is Koshary; a dish that includes rice, lentils, pasta, tomato sauce, chickpeas, crispy onions, and a garlic sauce. One of the greatest Egyptian foods is Tamiya, made out of a bean paste. Molokhia is also a very common food in Egypt and consists of a soup made out of a very healthy green leaf, packed with antioxidants. Molokhia is a mark of Egyptian cuisine. Egyptian famous meat and poultry dishes are stuffed pigeons, kebabs, and kofta. Egypt’s cuisine also offers a lot of fish and seafood since they have access to some of the best fresh seafood in the world.

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